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With AI powered bots that can move (people to) mountains. Or the moon. Or wherever.

Movable Marketing’s AI bots let busy travel business owners almost entirely automate their sales, service, lead generation and followup, appointment setting and plenty more besides.

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Remove your growth challenges

For travel companies, an automated bot system across major messaging platforms like SMS, Website Chat, FB Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google My Business is a game-changer.

This technology ensures immediate, personalized support and sales assistance, significantly lightening the load on your team.

It's about more than just efficiency; it's about opening doors to growth by making every customer feel valued and supported, anytime and anywhere.

This shift not only elevates the customer experience but also allows your team to focus on strategic growth rather than mundane tasks.

Integrating an automated bot system signals a move towards a customer-centric approach, crucial in the competitive travel industry. It positions your company as responsive and innovative, building trust and loyalty among customers.

Imagine the edge your travel company will gain by not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations with minimal manual effort. This streamlined communication means your team can dedicate more energy to creativity and innovation, setting new industry standards.

Such a strategic enhancement in customer service and operational efficiency can redefine the trajectory of your travel business.

By automating routine interactions, your company can scale new heights, ensuring that growth is not just a possibility but an inevitable outcome.

This isn't merely about growth; it's about revolutionizing the way travel companies connect with their customers, fostering a sense of trust and reliability that keeps them coming back.

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Dani Maletic

Nomad Travel Company

These bots are actual magic!


Philipp Weber

Nomad Festival Owner

The Movable Marketing bots are so cool. They save us so much money - and time.

Once they're properly configured they generate a lot more bookings than before we had them.


Christoph Huebner

Travel Insurance Business Owner

I like big bots.

And I cannot lie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the bots work?

They use AI to work out what your leads and customers want and need, and then follows your preferences to answer the questions in your company's tone of voice.

You can make things as simple or as complicated as you wish - but simple is almost always better.

Whatever your goal is for a particular client need, the bots will work towards that goal.

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How do I install the bots?

First, choose which bots you need.

Second, train the bots by pointing them to important web pages, and by providing Q&A examples for important topics

Third, test the bots by chatting to them to ensure they work as you wish

Fourth, activate them once you're happy

That's it!

However, we can do all this for you if you'd prefer.

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What can the bots do?

They can:

  • Offer customer support, answering almost any question about your business

  • Book meetings with your team based on their calendar availability

  • Automatically follow up with leads and clients based on their behaviour and needs

  • Respond to people on social media, sending out content when people comment on your posts using particular keywords

  • Notify your team members when leads or clients do certain things - making sure your team are super responsive when it matters

And they can do this across:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • SMS

  • Website Chat Bot

  • GMB (Google My Business)

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How much do the bots cost?

There's a one-time fee of only $99 for the bots, regardless of which ones you use.

This includes a full step-by-step guide showing you how to set them up, train them, test them and activate them.

If you'd prefer, we also offer a fully 'done for you' service where we configure your bots for you. This costs $999.

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Do I need anything else?

Yes, you'll need to subscribe to the marketing operating system known as HighLevel. This is an increasingly popular platform that offers a full suite of CRM, website builder, automation, social media management and more features.

You can obtain this from any white label reseller of HighLevel, costing between $99/m and $499/m depending on which features you need.

We are a reseller and if you only want to use the bots, you can use our $99/m package.

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